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8 delicious and famous dishes you must enjoy in Chicago

8 delicious and famous dishes you must enjoy in Chicago

 Chicago possesses a very unique culinary culture. And enjoying the famous dishes in Chicago is always an experience not to be missed when you have the opportunity to set foot in the place known as "the city of the wind". 

Chicago is one of America's top tourist destinations . This place is not only attractive by the beautiful natural landscapes but also by the extremely unique and rich cuisine. Any famous dish in Chicago has its own unique colors and flavors, making anyone remember when eating once and for all.

1 - Chicago-style bacon

Bacon is a very popular dish around the world and is available in many different countries. However, it is no coincidence that bacon is considered one of the famous dishes in Chicago . That's because the smoked meat here has a very special taste.


Chicago-style bacon - a famous dish in Chicago you should not missChicago-style bacon


Bacon appeared in Chicago for the first time in 1948. And to this day, this is always a dish that any food connoisseur when arriving in Chicago must enjoy. The bacon can be sampled at many different restaurants, but perhaps the most delicious and famous is the Calumet Fisheries restaurant located in the southern area of ​​the city.


2 - Pizza with thick crust

The next famous dish in Chicago we want to introduce to you is the thick-crust pizza. This dish also has many other names such as Deep Dish Pizza or Anise Pizza. The reason for its name is because this pizza has a much thicker base than other regular pizzas.

Usually, a Chicago pizza will be about 5 to 7 centimeters thick. The top is full of delicious ingredients like cheese, ketchup, and some meat filling. When you cut the cake, the cheese will immediately flow to the outside, you just want to see it immediately.


3 - Italian beef sandwich

Italian beef sandwich is a delicious Chicago dish that many tourists love and want to enjoy when having the opportunity to come to this city. This cake was brought to Chicago by the Italians since the 1930s.

Although it is a fast food, but the Italian beef sandwich has a quite elaborate and meticulous way. To make a standard, requires the chef to choose the freshest ingredients. Before being sandwiched, beef will have to be processed separately according to a special method to be able to create the soul for the perfect sandwich. There are also sauces, raw vegetables, cucumbers. All combined to create a dish that is enough to seduce all diners.


4 - Chicago-style hot dog

Hot dog is a popular dish throughout the United States, and of course it is also considered one of the famous dishes in Chicago you should not ignore. This cake is made quite simply, just by sandwiching the sausage inside the bread, along with the sauces, onions, seasoning, but it makes many Chicago tourists fall in love.

5 - Popcorn with butter

Perhaps you are thinking that what is special about popcorn that becomes a famous dish in Chicago, right? However, if you sample this city's special popcorn, you will definitely have to change your mind. Chicago has a lot of popcorn stores and each has its own recipe to create different types of popcorn. The most famous store you can visit to buy popcorn is Navy Pier Chicago located in the North of the city.


6 - Jibarito cake

When it comes to delicious food in Chicago , Jibarito is definitely indispensable. This is an extremely delicious sandwich and is especially suitable for those who are looking to diet. The cake filling still includes beef, tomatoes, and raw vegetables, but the special feature lies in the crust. Instead of being made with bread, it is made with fried banana. You can easily enjoy Jibarito cakes at the shops located in the western part of the city.

7 - Torta Meringata

It will be a mistake if the list of famous dishes in Chicago is missing the name Torta Meringata. This is always considered the most awaited dessert in restaurants in this city. The ingredients for baking are also nothing special. The sophisticated way of processing and serving is the way that makes it famous. When enjoying Torta Meringata, you will feel the coldness of ice cream, the salty taste of caramel, the seductive aroma of rum and the gentle sweetness of chocolate.

8 - Pierogi

As a famous dish of Chicago cuisine , pierogi has Polish origin. This is a cake dish made of flour, filled with minced meat, onions, sauerkraut and mushrooms. Instead of being baked in the microwave, the cake is glued on the oil pan. When placed on a plate, the chef will sprinkle it on a little green onion and dried onion, not yellow, extremely attractive.


Pierogi - famous dish in Chicago you should not missPierogi cake


Chicago has a large immigrant population so the cuisine of this city is influenced by many different countries around the world. However, each famous dish in Chicago still lurks behind its very special flavors, creating its own unique Chicago cuisine. Hopefully the above suggestions will help you get really delicious meals during your trip to the US and explore the city of Chicago.

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