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Be ecstatic at America's paradise-like beaches

Be ecstatic at America's paradise-like beaches

 Every beautiful beach in America is a wonderful destination, containing countless interesting things for us to explore, helping you to have a complete and memorable trip to America.

American tourism not only attracts tourists by skyscrapers, modern amusement parks, but also by beautiful beaches like paradise. In this article, we will take a look at the beautiful beaches in America that make anyone who sets foot in love must be fascinated.

1 - Hulopo'e Beach –Hawaii

Hawaii has long been considered one of the most wonderful marine paradises on the planet. It owns one of the most beautiful beaches in America that is Hulopo's, on the island of Lana'l. The sea water here is clear, along with the arc-shaped sandy shore is considered one of the most perfect sand beaches in the world.


Hulopo'e Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in AmericaHulopo'e Beach 


Coming to Hulopo'e beach, you can not only immerse yourself under the cool blue sea, experience exciting sea games, but also have the opportunity to explore the marine animal sanctuary with a lot of species. 


2 - Coopers Beach - New York

New York is the leading tourist city of the United States of America. And Coopers beach here is also considered one of the beautiful beaches in America that you should explore. This is a very famous beach located in the southern part of Long Island and attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

Coming to Coopers, you will surely be amazed by the beautiful natural picture here. In front of your eyes is a blue beach with charming white quartz sand dunes. Located along the beach is a series of luxurious hotels and resorts, promising to bring you the most luxurious moments of relaxation in your upcoming US tour.


3 - Main Beach - New York

In New York there is another place also on the list of beautiful beaches in America that is Main. This beach is located in the east of Hampton County. Although it attracts a lot of tourists every year, Main still retains its peaceful and wild beauty. Located right next to this beach is a large nature reserve where commercial can go and explore extremely rich and diverse ecosystems.

4 - Siesta Beach - Florida

Talking about the famous beaches of the United States certainly can not fail to mention Siesta beach located in the city of Florida. This place attracts all visitors from the first time arriving by a super fine pure quartz sand beach. Along with that is the charming blue sea color. Under the bright sunlight, Siesta appeared like a beautiful girl, making anyone overwhelmed, unable to take their eyes off.

At Siesta, you will experience many exciting activities such as swimming, diving, kayaking, paragliding, ... Not only that, this place is also voted by many tourists as one of the the most beautiful sunset viewing spot in Florida.


5 - Miami Beach - Florida

Miami Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the US that attracts more than 10 million tourists every year. This beach is located in the heart of one of the most bustling cities in the United States, but still captivates visitors by its wild beauty. Surrounding Miami Beach are skyscrapers and many resorts from luxury to popular for you to choose from.

6 - Wai'anapanapa National Park Beach

Wai'anapanapa is a famous national park. This place owns beautiful beaches with very special black sand. It is different from the beautiful beaches in America that we mentioned above. Pure sand, when combined with the green of the forest, creates a very interesting contrast.

Coming to Wai'anapanapa, you can not only swim in the sea, but also have the opportunity to explore the mysterious caves and volcanoes, which bring extremely excitement.


7 - Ocean City Beach in Maryland

Ocean City is a famous beautiful beach in America , attracting a lot of visitors regardless of the time of year. Ocean City coastline stretches for kilometers, with clear blue sea water and smooth golden sand. In summer, you can soak in the cool seawater, lie in the sun on the sand or unleash many interesting activities.

8 - Myrtle - Southern California

The next name to appear on the list of beautiful beaches in America you should explore is Myrtle. Every year, every summer, this place becomes a familiar destination for young people with many spectacular music events, modern amusement parks. With pure white sand and a long coastline of kilometers, Myrtle will definitely be a great choice for you for your upcoming trip to Co Hoa.


Myrtle Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in AmericaMyrtle Beach


To be able to explore all the beautiful beaches in America in just a few days trip is very difficult. However, no matter the chance you get to any of the beaches featured above, it will always be a wonderful and memorable trip.

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