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How beautiful is the scene of the United States in autumn

How beautiful is the scene of the United States in autumn

 Every September to December, the American autumn scene is overwhelming, all cities and states change in romantic and dreamy colors!

As a rotation of nature, in autumn, all over the earth and sky change new colors, Cuu Trai Cau has a crystal-clear lake in autumn, or Mu Cang Chai has a golden season every September, the autumn of America.

With a large area of ​​hills and mountains, the United States is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for tourists in autumn. At this time, the land of flowers wore a colorful red, yellow, orange shirt in all regions, from urban to remote countryside. If you have the opportunity to go through the forested boulevards, you will feel more clearly autumn in the United States with the scenery of rows of yellow leaves spreading along the two sides of the road. 

When in autumn, the climate here is quite cool with temperatures ranging from 15-23 degrees Celsius. The weather is mostly dry, only occasional showers appear. In late autumn, the forests begin to change leaves, which is also the time when many people depart to explore the American fall tour .

At the same time, the weather will gradually get colder, the wick winds bring a little bit of cold, the temperature decreases at night and early in the morning you should bring more coats and scarves to keep your body warm. 


American autumn scene - in VermontDo you believe this is the real scene?


Discover America autumn tour

And the famous American fall tour , the most popular choice for visitors is Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York. These are also 4 famous cities that visitors should not miss every autumn. 

Ellicottville is the oldest and largest festival in southwestern New York, taking place when the foliage of the surrounding hills begin to glow brightly. Visitors will be immersed with thousands of exciting festival participants with dishes, entertainment games, art performances. 

Boston is said to be the top beautiful autumn spot in America. The city is impressed by its romantic, ancient beauty with hundreds of years old architecture ... Here, you can visit Harvard, the most famous university in the world, to see the the trees change the leaves season.

In the state of Vermont, three-quarters of the area is covered with forests. This is also the place with the highest density of maple trees in the country. Surrounding the forest are calm lakes, poetic winding roads. Every year, autumn adorns the most romantic land of America with red, orange, and yellow colors, beckoning tourists from all over the world.

Vermont is also the largest syrup producing region in the United States. With American tourists fall is an opportunity for you to freely roam and experience the process of working on the vast meadows or farms. It will be a very interesting experience for you this fall.  

Next, Michigan is not only a beautiful autumn viewing spot but also one of the beautiful landscapes of the country for those who love mountains and waterfalls with hundreds of them in the national parks of the state. Especially Bond waterfall, each stream of water splashing, curving softly among the trees, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland.


American fall scene in Michigan-1Oh Michigan under the groves of the woods


The United States also owns many other impressive autumn spots such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle ... Located in North America, Niagara Falls is a famous American tourist destination in the world because of its majestic natural scenery. Here, you will see a colorful picture with rows of red and yellow leaves on the white waterfall.

For a complete trip, you should choose a US fall discovery schedule  by region such as East Coast, West Coast, East-West route or separate trips. Journey to explore the East Coast of the United States often from New York to Washington DC. The West Coast will start in Los Angeles and end in San Francisco. Or more people choose to have an East-West connection from New York to Los Angeles. 

Now that every autumn comes, you have more options for your travel itinerary. You don't have to go to Korea in autumn, or have to stop in the land of Dutch red maple leaves, because America is also beautiful in autumn !

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